Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is nybr?

    nybr is a location based hyper local social network helping you connect with people who you see daily in your locality but never interacted or connect with like minded people at social gatherings.

  • What can I use nybr for

    1. Find someone to goto a movie with
    2. Cook with neighbours
    3. At a mall during sale? Find someone to shop together or bill to maximize your discounts
    4. Need a ride back from the movie? Post it on nybr, or see if someone is already offering a ride to your area. You can use nybr wherever you are, not just in your own neighbourhood.
    5. Goto dinner with your neighbours
    6. Can’t meet minimum order value for free food delivery? Find someone to order together
    7. Preparing for GRE, CAT, Civils alone? Form a study group.
    8. Stuck on a programming error? A nybr can help you.
    9. Watch a game together
    10. Form a cricket team.
    11. Find a fitness partner.
    12. Love dogs but can’t have them? Your neighbour might want someone to take their dog out.
  • How nybr works?

    Whenever you post a shout on nybr, it is tagged with the current location. People around you or someone browsing shouts in your location will be able to see them. If they are interested in your shout, they get in touch with you and you can discuss in the comments on your shout. If you think he/she is someone whom you would like to meet, you exchange your contact details privately and schedule a meet online.

    If you are meeting a complete stranger, please do your due diligence.

    1. Make sure they are who they claim to be.
    2. Always meet in public places
    3. Never meet at odd hours
    4. Inform someone in the house before going out. We strongly advice you to take someone with you.
  • Who can use nybr?

    To use nybr, your age should be above Age of majority as declared by the law of the land.
    The age of majority is the threshold of adulthood as recognized or declared in law. It is the moment when minors cease to be considered children and assume legal control over their persons, actions, and decisions, thus terminating the control and legal responsibilities of their parents or guardian over them.

  • What about my privacy?

    We take your privacy very seriously.

    1. We collect minimum details required for optimum user experience on nybr and your details are never made public or shared without your consent
    2. When your shout is displayed on the app, your location is anonymized by a random distance so that no one can pinpoint your location
    3. Only the persons with whom you shared your contact details can see your phone and email. You can revoke their access any time.
    4. All your shouts are hidden from the site completely after expiry when you choose hide on expiry option whil posting.
  • You use GPS, will it affect my phones battery lifer?

    We know, we can never have enough of battery backup on these super smartphone and how important it is to conserve the battery power. So, we don’t use GPS continuously. nybr only use GPS at the starting of a session and when you are posting a shout.
    Be assured that nybr will not be the reason for battery drain. Pinky swear 🙂.